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    Container shelters and portable self storage units in Melbourne, Victoria

    Not only do we specialise in shipping containers and storage services, All Vic Containers will also provide you with protective container shelters. Our PodRoof shipping container roof kit gives you all-year-round weather protection and a permanent storage shelter solution. They offer better security with their unique lock up system.

    Custom kits are available to suit your individual needs. Our container shelters are also fully portable, fitting perfectly inside any shipping container once dissembled.

    Guaranteed for 20 years

    Our container shelters are manufactured to our exact specifications at your local Bluescope Lysaght branch. With branches all across Australia, including Melbourne and Sunshine, they guarantee prompt and cost-effective delivery. These high quality products are available in a range of Colorbond colours, guttering and extension roof options. All cladding is guaranteed for 20 years and, unlike fabric covers, there is no need for adjustment. They are also completely maintenance free.

    Any width you require

    Our PodRoof kits are created just for you. We can supply them to you in a range of widths, up to 22 metres in the high clearance gambrel style or standard gable format. Gable style roofs are more cost-effective and ideal for those not looking for excessive height. The gambrel style roof also offers high clearance, dependant on the height span you need. Each custom design is individually priced, so please get in touch with a member of our team for an obligation-free quote.


    • The width between the containers can be up to a maximum of 22 metres. Just tell us what space you require and whether you want the containers covered or exposed
    • Height depends on the span you choose and whether you want the gable or gambrel roof style. Gambrel has better height clearance and the gable gives a low, snug fit.
    • The length of each kit is 20 feet. Any number of kits can be connected, end to end, on any combination of 20 foot and 40 foot containers, showing no joins.
    • All kits are engineered for your specific wind region, category, and usage.
    • Footings can be piers, ballast, or ground screw anchors.
    • Council approval is an easy process when working with All Vic Containers as our engineering certification will satisfy any authority.
    • Enclosed ends are available if required.
    • We guarantee no damage to containers as all attachments are fitted to the container pin mounting points on 20' containers.
    • The bolted, high tensile galvanised steel frames can be disassembled and transported in a container for most roof kit sizes.
    • Lysaght provides a 20 year guarantee on all roof and frame components.
      Two portable self storage units in Victoria.

      Contact us today on 1300 136 683  for custom-made protective container shelters!

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